Police and crime

Luis Mauricio Falla Guiulfo
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Police and crime

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Police and crime
  1. Massive Database
    1. Social Networks, gives you a profile. Your profile is your digital track
      1. Track of Photos, events, political views, events, and patterns by glancing at your own profile
        1. Profiles logs information: jobs, working dates, and many more.
        2. Constant Surveillance
          1. Social Networks photos, that either you or someone else uplodead
            1. Recordings are now stored on a cloud, this is a real 24/7 log
              1. Everyone now has a camera and a recorder. smartphones provide coverage.
              2. Prevention
                1. Recording devices, makes anyone think twice what they are doing or saying
                  1. Tracking GPS, Smartphones make anyone trasable
                    1. Hotlines and apps for assistance will become available as time goes by
                    2. Quick Response
                      1. Uber implemented inside app, a police tracking call
                        1. All vehicles connected to a server hotline, no need to wait for a call and dispatch
                          1. More Coverage of the security Grid
                          2. AI Support
                            1. Assistance to take down a hostile
                              1. Assistance to convince a hostile
                                1. Step by step, walkthrough crisis
                                2. Automatization
                                  1. Automated Heavy Duty Machines can be a disuasive
                                    1. Drone or Droid Assistance for each officer
                                      1. Heavy Riot Gear for each officer, officers are as effective as task teams
                                      2. Massive Footage
                                        1. Every Single action will be documented
                                          1. Responsibles will be accounted for every action
                                            1. Every action will have dozens of perspectives to be reproduced
                                            2. Threat Awareness
                                              1. People with a high risk factor, as previous criminals can be sorted out
                                                1. Surroundings with Personal Backgrounds can give better information
                                                  1. Personal Relationships can predict what outcome a meeting will have
                                                  2. Risk Prediction
                                                    1. Raw Processing Power can make matches and predict outcomes better than any human
                                                      1. Probability and Statistics will play a key role, in seconds prior to incidents
                                                        1. High Risk Factor zones, will have a thicker security Grid just for a hours, instead of days
                                                        2. Reactive Deployment
                                                          1. Less Operatives, but key positions to adapt and overcome incidents
                                                            1. Using Key Data, prediction on how many operatives should be around and deployed will become a standard proccedure
                                                              1. Using Machine Learning Protocols or AI can make a priority on securing escape routes
                                                              2. Real Time Processing
                                                                1. Nano-seconds decision making and coordinated actions
                                                                  1. Choosing the best possible scenario
                                                                    1. Achieving the Best possible outcome
                                                                    2. Clean Up
                                                                      1. After any incident assistance will be provided for victims
                                                                        1. After any incidents culprits will be processed in seconds until human action is needed
                                                                          1. Every Scenario makes the AI learn and take better decisions, until achieving optimal performance
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