Defining Language

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Defining Language
  1. Language Structures
    1. Language structures include words, sounds, sentences and parts of speech.
      1. The study of language structures and patterns includes.
        1. Phonology: How each sound is produced
          1. Morphology: How meanings are changed
            1. Phonics: How sounds relate to graphemes
              1. Syntax: How parts of speech (noun, verbs, objects,ect) grammar
                1. semantics: How words represent meaning
                  1. These types of rules help to define the structure of the language.
                    1. These language patterns of structures are developed at the beginning by children thought out imitation and is constantly improve it. It's depend of social interaction, relation whit the environment, the objects around them, new words, different meanings of a word, that means that the language and his acquisition is more than the sum of it's structures.
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