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Ordering numbers and place value


Cambridge IGCSE Maths Mind Map on Ordering numbers and place value, created by egreen99 on 08/26/2013.
Mind Map by egreen99, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by egreen99 almost 9 years ago

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Ordering numbers and place value
  1. Always look at big numbers In groups of 3
    1. Always start from the right hand side of the number
      1. Moving left put a space in every 3 digits to break it up into groups of 3
        1. Now going right read each group of 3 and on the first add million and going down from there
    2. Putting numbers in Oder of size
      1. Depending on which way you are going increase or decrease
        1. If you are increasing you start from small to big so you start with the 2 digit numbers and you go up
        2. For decimals we do the same first bit
          1. But then you have to look what is after the point a 0 or a 1
            1. First group the 0 numbers and then group the 1 numbers
        3. Addition / subtraction and decimals
          1. Line up the units and the columns so you don't get mixed up
            1. Then add the column starting on the right and then to the left
              1. Then you carry over any spare numbers when you are adding
            2. You do the same for subtraction but you are taking away
              1. Decimals are the same but you have to add the stuff on the right hand side of the point and the the left
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