Ser vs Estar

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Ser vs Estar
1 Ser
1.1 Permanent characteristics
1.2 Origin, nationality, profession
1.3 Indicate possession (to whom an object belongs to)
1.4 When/where something takes place *this particular event will not happen somewhere else again*
1.5 Hint* When confused with when to use ser or estar, we can look for “de” in the sentence, and use ser *
1.6 Component (what something is made out of)
2 Estar
2.1 Location *temporary*
2.2 Feelings or Emotion *this is temporary,not permanent-it does not last forever, and it does not indicate that person you are describing have this feeling/emotion permanently*
2.3 Progressive *the form is usually estar + -ando (-ar ending verbs), or estar + -iendo (-er/-ir ending verbs) when using present participles*
2.4 Hint* When confused with when to use ser or estar, we can look for “en” in the sentence and use estar *
3 Some adjectives that changes meanings -Some adjectives change their meanings depending on whether they are used with ser or estar
3.1 Abierto - Estar: to be open, Ser: to be frank, communicative
3.1.1 Callado- Estar: to be quiet, Ser: to be naturally quiet Viejo- Estar: to be getting old, Ser: to be old Despierto- Estar: to be awake, Ser: to be bright, smart Listo- Estar: to be ready, Ser: to be smart, clever Loco- Estar: to be acting crazy, Ser: to be certifiably crazy Nuevo- Estar: to be like new, Ser: to be brand new
4 Hint * we can see that when using estar, the adjectives indicate that it is mostly temporary, and ser is mostly permanent *
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