P6: Models and Explanations

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P6: Models and Explanations
1 Density
1.1 Density (kg/m3) = Mass (kg) / Volume (m3)
1.2 Measuring Solids and Liquids
1.2.1 Measure the mass and volume of substance. To measure the mass, use a mass balance and to measure the liquid, pour it into a measuring cylinder.
2 Specific Heat Capacity
2.1 The energy needed to change the temperature of a material.
2.2 E.G. In an electric kettle, energy is transferred electrically from the mains to the thermal energy store. It's transferred by heating to the thermal energy store of the water, the water's temperature rises.
2.3 Change in Internal Energy (J) = Mass (kg) x Specific Heat Capacity (J/kgC) x Change in Temperature
3 Specific Latent Heat
3.1 The energy needed to change state.
3.2 Energy to Cause a Change of State (J) = Mass (kg) x Specific Latent Heat (J/kg)
4 Forces and Elasticity
4.1 When you apply force to an object it can be stretched, compressed or twisted but it can't go back to its original shape (deformed)
4.2 Force Exerted by a Spring (N) = Extension (m) x Spring Constant (N/m)
4.3 Energy Stored in a Stretched Spring (J) = 0.5 x spring constant (N/m) x (extension)2 (m)2
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