Kite Runner Character Mind Map: Assef

Christopher Lamb
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Christopher Lamb
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Mind Map on Kite Runner Character Mind Map: Assef, created by Christopher Lamb on 12/12/2014.

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Kite Runner Character Mind Map: Assef
1 Physical Description
1.1 Blue eyes and blonde hair (Aryan)
1.2 Thick arms
1.3 "Towered over the other kids"
1.4 "Savage sort of grin"
1.4.1 Present participles "Grinning " and "Looming" show sinister and controlling attitude
1.5 "Not entirely sane"
1.5.1 Sociopath
1.6 Carries famous stainless steel brass knuckles
2 Attitudes and Beleifs
2.1 Neo-Nazi
2.1.1 Hitler - "Now, there was a leader.... a man with a vision"
2.1.2 Buys Amir "Mein Kampf" Shows his dark ways and a method to threaten him
2.2 Wants to rid Afghanistan of Hazara people
2.2.1 Uses the verbs "Dirty" and "Pollute" to describe them
2.2.2 Refers to them and Hassan as "Vermin" and "Animals"
2.3 Uses adjectives "Pure" and "True" to describe Pashtuns
2.3.1 Ironic as he is not either
3 Behaviour
3.1 Ripped a kids ears off
3.1.1 "Assef Goshkor" or "Assef the Ear-eater"
3.2 "His word is law"
3.3 "Well earned reputation for savagery proceeded him on the streets"
3.4 Uses stainless steel brass knuckles to beat up kids
3.5 Bullies Ali and came up with the name "Babablu
3.6 Likes to bully Amir and Hassan
3.6.1 Wants to feel superior over Amir Invites Amir to play volleyball with him Wanted to show him up in front over Baba Went to party to intimidate him
3.6.2 Refers to Hassan as a "dog" and "an ugly pet" in order to degrade him
3.6.3 Rapes Hassan Thinks that Hassan keeping the kite is equivalent to being raped Shows he is mentally unstable and a sociopath Assef shows dominance over Hassan Dynamic Verbs "Ripping", "Crushing" and "Grunting" Sexual Referances Hassan serves him from a silver platter which shows nothing is going to change
4 Relationship with other characters
4.1 Friends are Kamal and Wali
4.1.1 Noun Phrase "Eager to please entourage"
4.1.2 Semantic field of religion Nouns "Disciples" and "God"
4.2 Family/Background
4.2.1 Son of Mahmood Air Pilot Baba's friend Knows Daoud Khan
4.2.2 Lives in wealthy area
4.2.3 German mother
4.2.4 Pashtun
4.2.5 Dominant over parents Escorts them and talks for his parents Parents fear him
4.3 Creates an illusion of perfection to the adults
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