2. Causes, events and results of Munich Putsch 1923

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2. Causes, events and results of Munich Putsch 1923
1.1 Hitler believed that the moment had come to topple over Weimar Government. 3 reasons:
1.1.1 1. Hyperinflation: miserable lives in Rhur. Membership of NSDAP grown to 55,000 mainly around Munich and the capital of Bavaria and in S Germany = hoped to make a national impact
1.1.2 2. Hitler sensed that new government under Stressemann had just called off passive resistance in the Rhur - act quickly before unrest dies down
1.1.3 3. Stressemann = cracking down on extremist groups. Hitler could see a crack down on right wing groups coming next.
2.1 8th of Nov. = meeting of 3000 officials of Bavarian government
2.1.1 Hitler burst in w/ 600 SA troops announced the takeover of the government SA troops began taking over official buildings
2.2 Weimar government opposed him the next day
2.2.1 SA only had 2000 rifles (much less than the local police and armed forces but he continue fighting) 18 people died Hitler managed to escape in a car and left the others to face the police
3.1 Short term
3.1.1 Hitler and 3 other members were put on trial found guilty - treason sentenced to 5 years in Landsberg Castle
3.1.2 NSDAP was banned Munich Putsch = defeat and humility for HItler.
3.1.3 Hitler used his trial to get publicity for his views gained popularity for himself and his ideas every word was published in the newspapers
3.2 Long term
3.2.1 Hitler impressed the judges He and his accomplices got off very lightly Only given 5 years in prison (should've been life sentence)
3.2.2 Ban of NSDAP was lifted in 1925 NSDAP won 32 seat in the Reichstag 1924 election
3.2.3 Hitler only served 9 months of his sentence in great comfort of the castle He wrote Mein Kanpf
3.2.4 Because of the failure of the Putsch, Hitler realised that he needed a new approach to take over Germnay
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