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Electricity Mindmap
1 There are two types of circuit, series and parallel.
1.1 Advantages of parallel is that each lamp can be switched on individually and if one blows the others will stay on.
2 Current is measures in amps, voltage is measured in volts.
2.1 Current is the flow of electrons in a circuit, voltage is the amount of energy between two points in a circuit.
2.1.1 In a circuit, current travels from the negative terminal to the positive terminal.
3 There are two types of signals, digital and analogue.
3.1 On an oscilloscope, an analogue signal is an exact replica of the original sound wave, whereas with a digital signal, it selects sampled sections of the sound wave, which makes it work faster, but not as smooth.
3.1.1 Examples of digital devices are T.V's, D.V.D's, calculators and more modern devices. Examples of analogue devices are record players, radios, microphones and more audio type devices.
4 There are three main logic gates, AND, NOT and OR.
4.1 You use the numbers "1" and "0" to represent if the output is "on" or "off."
4.2 With an AND gate, there are two inputs and you need only one input to be 1 for the output to be 1.
4.3 With an OR gate, again, there are two inputs, but you need both to be 1 for the output to be 1.
4.4 With a NOT gate, there is one input, of which is always opposite to the output.
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