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Matrix site
1.1 NLP Practitioner NLP Master Practitioner NLP Coaching to Excellence NLP Coaching NLP Power Presentations NLP Corporate Programs
1.1.1 NLP Practitioner outline + registration
1.1.2 NLP Master Practitioner outline + reg
1.1.3 NLP CtE outline +reg
1.1.4 NLP Coaching details plus contact
1.1.5 NLP PP outline + reg
1.1.6 NLP Corporate list Inner Leader NLP Leadership NLP for Business
2 Breakthrough events
2.1 FIRED UP! Straight to the Point - Arrow Break Board Break Raising the Bar - re-bar bending Motivational Keynote Speaker
2.1.1 FIRED UP details
2.1.2 Arrow break details
2.1.3 Board break Details
2.1.4 Re=bar details
2.1.5 Keynotes and link to site
3 Products
3.1 Hypnotic inductions Book - Breaking Through
3.1.1 Download for free links upon sign up
3.1.2 First chapter of book for free
4 somewhere needs to be calendar, who we are, what we do, etc, facebook, twitter, linked in youtube sign up for newsletter
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