Human Organ System

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Human Organ System
1 A group of organs that work together to perform related functions
1.1 Circulatory System
1.1.1 Transports nutrients, dissolved gasses, and wastes Heart Pumps blood through blood vessels Blood Vessels
1.2 Digestive System
1.2.1 Breaks food down into small particles (nutrients) Transported by the circulatory system to all cells
1.2.2 Mouth
1.2.3 pithelial
1.2.4 Stomach
1.2.5 Liver
1.2.6 Pancreas
1.2.7 Intestines
1.2.8 Anus
1.3 Respiratory System
1.3.1 Exchanges of gases between blood and external environment Blood Vessels WIndpipe Lungs
1.4 Musculoskeletal System
1.4.1 Prived structural support to body.
1.4.2 Protects internal structures from outside enviroment
1.4.3 Plays a role in movement Movement is change in shape or figure
1.4.4 Plays a role in locomotion. Locomotion is movement from one place to another
1.4.5 Bones and muscles
1.5 Major Tissues
1.5.1 Epithelial
1.5.2 Muscle
1.5.3 Nerve
1.5.4 Connective
1.6 Nervous System
1.6.1 Responds to changes in environment of body
1.6.2 Coordinates functions of all other organ systems
1.6.3 Brain
1.6.4 Spinal Cord
1.6.5 Sensory Organs Eyes Ears Nose Taste Buds
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