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1 nowadays
1.1 the Olympics happen every 4 years
1.1.1 they are each in different countries of the world
1.2 athletes from the world show their skills
1.2.1 men and women participate
1.2.2 the winners earn medals
1.3 Today athletes receive gold, silver and bronze medals for finishing and event in first, second or third place
2 history of the Olympic Games
2.1 the Olympic Games were originated in Greece
2.2 For the ancient Greeks, the Olympics represent the highest form of physical performance
2.2.1 They were celebrated in a festival of which was dedicated to the Greek god Zeus During the period when they were going through the Olympic Games, there was peace in all the land
2.2.2 Olympia was a special place of peace which was used only for Olympic events and religious of political rallies
3 history of the Olympic Games
3.1 According to the legend, a runner named Coroebus was the first Olympic champion in the year 776 b.c.
3.1.1 the Olympic rules were created which olympians required to train for at least ten months before the big event hey had to train expert judges Apex during 30 days until they competed. They also began to include pentathlon events
3.1.2 The palestra was the ancient Greek wrestling and boxing training zone.
3.2 The Pentathlon included sport five: discus throwing, Javelin launch, launch run, log jumping and wrestling.
3.2.1 Many of these activities are still recognizable today as part of the modern-day Decathlon or singles events The prize for the winner was a not a medal, but an olive Crown.
3.2.2 Disk launchers, for example, competed in the same way that do you now, but his record was made of stone. Later, you were with various metals, such as bronze.
3.2.3 The event launch Javelin - harmoniously has remained the same
3.2.4 Boxers wrapped leather pieces around his wrists for helmsmen and support as much as they could. he competitors were placed in two categories: one for men and one for children.
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