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1 Plate Tectonics
1.1 Plate Boundaries
1.1.1 Constructive Magma forms rock
1.1.2 Destructive Subduction zone
1.1.3 Conservative
1.1.4 Diagrams Convection magma currents under the earth Pangea
1.2 Earthquakes
1.2.1 Volcanoes Tsunamis Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004

Attachments: Causes Effects Human resopnse Prediction Preparation Diagrams Benefits Fertile land Tourism Geothermal energy from rising steam Minerals - Gold & Diamond Hazard maps Divert lava flows Channels, explosives, dams, cool water spray Evacuation Seismometers record earthquakes Tiltmeters record volcano shapes Satellites record heat of volcanoes
1.2.2 Primary effects Measurements Diagrams Secondary effects Economy collapse Fire Disease Seismometers Radon belief Animal behavior Building collapse Damage to roads/bridges etc. Death
2 Rivers
2.1 Weathering and erosion
2.1.1 Difference Weathering diagrams Erosion diagrams Role of rocks
2.1.2 Deposition diagrams Valleys, spurs, slip off slopes, river cliffs, ox-bow lake, flood plains, meanders, waterfalls, gorges, deltas Diagrams of waterfall, meander, floodplain and Ox-bow River flooding – causes, problems, how people respond and solutions. Rhine 1995, or Mozambique and Tewkesbury


3 Weather and Climate
3.1 Difference
3.2 Water cycle diagrams
3.2.1 Condensation Evaporation Transpiration Precipitation Percolation Overland flow Run off Infiltration
3.3 Sight conditions affect climate
3.3.1 Temperature falls 1deg C every 100/150 m you climb
3.4 Rain diagrams
3.4.1 Convectional, relief, frontal
3.5 UK weather


3.6 Graphs
4 Environmental issues
4.1 Protected land
4.1.1 To conserve and enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the area. To promote sustainable use of the natural resources of the area. To promote understanding and enjoyment (including enjoyment in the form of recreation) of the special qualities of the area by the public.
4.2 National parks
4.2.1 Why? Pros Cons Conflict Residents don't like tourists Too many seconds homes - residents forced to move out Tourists ruin farms - set animals free (pastoral farming) Management Solve problems Destruction of environment by tourists Air pollution on narrow roads Walking erodes landscape Litter fires Tourism Jobs Economy boost Conservation
4.3 Stewardship/ Sustainable development
4.3.1 Educating tourists Stone pathways Litter disposal Wardens/Park rangers Park'n'rides Limit second home sales
4.4 Lake district
4.4.1 Tsavo (LEDC)
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