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Leaving Certificate English (Poetry) Mind Map on Poems, created by cian.buckley on 12/02/2012.

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1 An Irish Airman Foresees his Death
1.1 War and Violence
1.2 W.B. Yeats
1.3 pilot who knows he is going to die in the air
1.3.1 decided on impulse
1.3.2 regrets decision
1.4 Imagery
2 Truant
2.1 Family and Childhood
2.2 Phoebe Hesketh
2.3 boy who likes to be alone
2.3.1 outside with nature
2.3.2 learns a lot outside
2.4 similes
2.5 a lot of imagery
3 Old Man
3.1 People
3.2 Jessica Siegal
3.3 How a man has aged
3.4 Similes used
3.5 lots of images created
4 Bloody Men
4.1 Love
4.2 Wendy Cope
4.3 a woman looking for a man
4.3.1 compares them to busses
4.4 similes
5 Mid-Term Break
5.1 Death and Grief
5.2 Seamus Heaney
5.3 boy whose brother died
5.4 imagery
6 Truant
6.1 Nature
6.2 Pheobe Hesketh
6.3 boy who likes nature
6.3.1 v. knowledgeable about it Birds/plants etc.
6.4 Similes
6.5 Images
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