Prayer Before Birth

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Prayer Before Birth
1 written during second world war
1.1 war is small word but consequences are massive
2 work is colloquial/ironic/combines humour and treagedy
3 a plea from an unborn child to divine power
4 suggestes horrors he will encounter
5 he prays for strength
6 highlights of horrors by juxtaposition
7 horror to imagine a soldier as a baby
8 Form and structure
8.1 a prayer
8.2 repeated use of first person
8.3 imperatives to god
8.4 each stanza begins by describing speaker as an unborn child
8.4.1 except last stanza
8.5 free verse
8.6 repetition of 'me'
8.6.1 creates a rhythm
8.7 each stanza is 1 sentence
8.7.1 except last stanza l. stanza sumarises poem
8.8 each stanza grows
8.8.1 signifies development of baby in womb
9 Themes
9.1 effect of war
9.2 innocence
9.3 impact of other people
9.4 sense of despair
9.5 contrast of the wonders of the world
10 contrast in 3rd stanza
10.1 describes nature
10.2 links to prayer - a light to guide him
11 impression of powerlessness
11.1 people speak/think for him
11.1.1 leads to world using him to commit murder reference to war
12 'who mad me a cog in a machine'
12.1 metaphor
12.2 represent army/war
12.3 powerlessness
13 'thistledown'
13.1 compares unborn child to soft feathery material
13.2 powerlessness
13.3 can be thrown around
13.4 can be blown in any direction
13.5 danger to reader too as the could be destroyed as part of the machine
14 alliteration
14.1 'O'
14.2 echoes religious language
14.3 repetition creates sense of ceremony
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