Poetic Techniques

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Leaving Certificate English (Poetry) Mind Map on Poetic Techniques, created by cian.buckley on 12/02/2012.

Created by cian.buckley almost 7 years ago
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Poetic Techniques
1 Theme
1.1 main topic or issue in the poem
2 Rhythm
2.1 beat of the poem
3 Tone
3.1 voice of the poet/speaker
3.1.1 can be changed for different meanings
4 Metaphor
4.1 Image created without using 'like', 'as' or 'than'
5 Simile
5.1 Special kind of image
5.1.1 made by comparing two things of different nature using the words 'like', 'as' or 'than'
6 Images
6.1 word-pictures created with our imagination
7 Personification
7.1 when an inanimate object is given human characteristics
8 Alliteration
8.1 Lots of words starting with the same letter
9 Assonance
9.1 when a vowel sound is repeated in a line
9.1.1 words that rhyme often have assonance
10 Onomatopoeia
10.1 when a word imitates the sound it is describing
11 Mood
11.1 Main emotion of the poem
12 Atmosphere
12.1 linked to the setting

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