Gothic conventions

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Gothic conventions
1 crumbling castles, labyrinths, low lighting, catacombs, graveyards
2 light and shadow: reflecting the characters of the protagonists, innocence v's darkness and corruption
2.1 ambiguity: between good and evil, natural and supernatural
2.2 Polarities: virginal young female protagonist v's the corrupt, inhumane male villain. Light and dark not only oppose but compliment eachother: there is something about the dark, sexually promiscuous male that hints at duality-an escape to the dark side
2.2.1 sexual difference: power/experience of the male, virginal curiosity of the female.
3 Transgression
3.1 breaking boundaries: sexual, social
3.2 Contextually: reaction against intellectual atmosphere of the Enlightenment
3.2.1 WOMEN: gave them a place to explore rebellion feminist interpretations: women becoming sexually libertaed, freeing themselves from the shackles of society. female/ gay male authors- against the grain of the patriachal novel women= explorers, disobedient female protagonist and unsexed male safely, without society being turned on its head- the thrill, but returning to normality, ultimately unthreatening.
3.3 perversion, sexual desire, obsession, voyeurism, sexual violence
4 Claustrophobia and entrapment
4.1 constraint:threat and isolation, physical or psychological
5 gothic novels set during moments of transition: from girlhood to womanhood, enlightenment period, autumn to winter etc
6 opposition but also mysterious affinity between present and the archaic past
6.1 Freud: The UNCANNY: " That class of the frightening which leads back to the old and unfamiliar"
6.2 ex. Ghosts: disrupt the present with the past
7 a world of doubt: beyond human reason and power
8 Edmund Burke: The sublime
8.1 Beyond the beautiful- no order, harmony or proportion- the mighty, terrible and the awesome. Excess and awe.
9 'a pleasing melancholy'
10 Structural: elaborate narrative structure; many narrators, found texts and stories within stories
11 vicarious pleasures, illicit thrills
12 typical symbolism
12.1 colours, usually red v's white to insinuate loss of virginity/purity
12.2 mirrors: identity, sense of self, vanity, worldliness, sensuality, isolation, a door to an alternate reality.
12.3 light and dark: polarities
12.4 passageways, locked doors, keys: sexual discover, perhaps forbidden
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