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  1. We use quantifiers to express the idea of quantity or number.
    1. Countable nouns
      1. * Have a sigular and plural form.
        1. *Can use singular verb of a plural verb
          1. SINGULAR a/an
            1. PLURAL some/any
          2. We cant count
            1. Examples:
              1. My dog is playing.
                1. My dogs are hungry.
            2. How many?
              1. many
                1. a few
                  1. some
                    1. too many
                      1. any
                2. cars
                  1. classes
                    1. students
                      1. pens
              2. Uncountable nouns
                1. * Have only one form
                  1. *Always use a singular verb
                    1. Some/any
                    2. We cannot count
                      1. Examples
                        1. Sugar is sweet
                          1. There is some water in that pitcher
                      2. How much?
                        1. coffe
                          1. water
                            1. juice
                              1. soup
                          2. much
                            1. a little
                              1. a lot of
                                1. too much
                                  1. any
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