(6) The impact of pressure groups


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(6) The impact of pressure groups
  1. Enviromental protection
    1. End of 19th century environmental conservation became important,
      1. Sierra Club formed
        1. Behind the push towards stricter environmental protection
        2. 20th century Wilderness Society and the National Wildlife Federation
          1. Behind the push towards stricter environmental protection
        3. Women's Rights
          1. League of Women voters and National Organisation of Women pushed for ERA but unsuccessfull
            1. Remain active - equal pay and job opportunities, against sexual harassment in work place and military
              1. Involved in campaing to elect women to congress
                1. Group EMILY List (Early Money Is Like Yeast)
                  1. Supports female candidates early on to allow them to gain more campaign funds
              2. Abortion rights
                1. Pro- choice and life Active
                  1. Pro-choice: want to preserve the constitutional right of women to have an abortion
                    1. Pro-life: want it narrowed or overturned
                      1. Involved in debate over "Partial birth abortions"
                        1. Bush signed a partial birth abortions ban
                    2. Both groups have fought over Supreme nomination process - Robert Bork 1987, Clarence Thomas 1991, John Robert 2005, Samuel Alito 2006
                    3. Gun Control
                      1. NRA - Most powerful pressure group in US politics
                        1. 3,000,000 members, founded in 1871 to teach american how to use guns
                          1. Since 1960's campaign to stop citizen "right" being infringed
                            1. Oppose toucher gun control at any level
                              1. Opposed the Brady Bill, assault weapons ban and law requiring back ground checks on those purchasing guns, and law requiring mandatory trigger locks on hand guns
                            2. NRA played role in District of Columbia v. Heller 2008, and debate on Sandy hook Shoot (20 Children, 8 teachers dead)
                            3. Economic inequality
                              1. Groups like International Occupy movement protest this.
                                1. Full media focus in 2011 Occupy of Zuccotti Park in New York
                                  1. Caused all states to have similar occupations
                                    1. Movement drove a lot of political debate
                                      1. Support from American Labour Union and Obama Administration - sympathy with core values
                                      2. Within a year disappeared from streets
                                        1. Didn't tape in to political system like tea party
                                          1. Main tactic was to Occupy hoping other would take action for them
                                            1. Movement took a violent approach so authorities close down camps (health and public safety
                                              1. No clear leadership and many young, unlike to vote so not going to be listended to by Democrats
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