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1 include appendices
1.1 surveys
1.2 managerial briefing note
1.3 minutes
1.4 reports
2 exam questions
2.1 Psychologist Kurt Lewin is often quoted as saying “there is nothing so practical as a good theory”. Using your experience of selecting, applying and evaluating theory for a B716 Evidence Based Initiative (EBI), discuss the relevance of this quotation for your own management practice. You answer should include evidence of your inquiries and reflections, using at least two different theories.
2.2 Please note: The word ‘ideas’ also covers theories, models, frameworks and concepts. How can managers best use academic ideas in their practice? Critically analyse this question and provide examples from the work you did on the module and in your EBI.
2.3 Are academic ideas useful to managers? Critically analyse this question using examples from the work you did on your EBI.
2.4 With reference to two of the theories you studied in the module, describe how you used these theories in the development of your EBI. Discuss why their use helped and challenged the development of your EBI through your cycles of inquiry.
2.5 Critically evaluate a B716 concept which you used during your Evidence-Based Initiative (EBI) work. Reflect on its strengths and weaknesses and on how it affected the development of your EBI.
3 structure
3.1 Did the idea make a positive difference in your workplace? Do you think it worked well\/
3.2 What have you learnt ab out your work, the helpfulness of management ideas and your own management practice
4 Hints
4.1 Don't try to write your whole EBI, instead pick out 1 or 2 initiatives. don't need to tell everything, rather use examples to show how you have ...
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