cosmological argument

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cosmological argument
1 unmoved mover
1.1 aquinas first way was motion
1.2 the universe is in motion, something must have set that motion (God)
1.3 cant have infinite regression of motion. must be a first motion. God is the 'prime mover'
2 un caused causer
2.1 god is the first causer
2.2 something cant cause itself
2.3 Ockam's razor - the simpliest answer is usually the right one
3 necessary being
3.1 aquinas third way
3.2 links to contingency
3.2.1 we rely on everything around us. the universe must rely on something. that must be god
4 kalam argument
4.1 made by muslim scholars (Al Ghezali)
4.2 1)whatever begins to exist has a cause
4.2.1 2) the universe began to exist 3) therefore the universe has a cause
4.3 william lane craig
4.3.1 potential infinite - add to it actual infinite - set & complete he later added god as the causer
5 advantages
5.1 big bang theory supports this as it says there was a beginning
5.2 a posteriori theory so it draws on evidence that we experience
5.3 solution for universe as well as existence for god
6 weaknesses
6.1 if god can be necessary then why cant the universe?
6.2 argument starts with god. supposed to be proved!
6.3 not everything needs a full explanation
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