design argument (teleological)

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design argument (teleological)
1 aristotle
1.1 there was a potentuality & actuality to be a more completed state in both nature & humans
1.2 everything has a goal or purpose, even nature.
2 william paley
2.1 analogy: watch or eye. if something shows intelligent design then it must have a designer. god must be the universes designer
2.2 design qua regularity: design in relation to the order & regularity of the university
2.3 design qua purpose: evidence of design, how the parts of the universe fit together for a purpose
3 F.R.tennant
3.1 aesthetic principle: universe poses a natural beauty that goes beyond that which is necessary to live (not needed for survival). shows god created it.
3.2 anthropic principle: relating to mankind or the period of mankinds existence. the universe had such a low percentage chance of supporting life that it must have been created with the purpose to support us humans
4 swinburne
4.1 universe was indeed law governed rather than chaotic. so the world was designed rather than by chance
5 aquinas: fifth way
5.1 "everything operates as to a design. this design is from god"
6 immanual kant
6.1 argues our mind imposes order on the world. it may not be there but we have been taught to see it
7 the universe is not a self ordering system so to order must be imposed from an outside agency. only intelligent beings are capable of imposing order. this intelligent mind must have been god.
8 arthur brown
8.1 the ozone layer protects us from harmful rays and orbiting meteorites and keeps out atmosphere inside and so something so perfect to protect us must be created
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