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Clean Bandit Synergistic Marketing Campaign


Mind Map on Clean Bandit Synergistic Marketing Campaign, created by Joshua “Latymerm on 01/09/2015.
Joshua “Latymerm
Mind Map by Joshua “Latymerm, updated more than 1 year ago
Joshua “Latymerm
Created by Joshua “Latymerm over 7 years ago

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Clean Bandit Synergistic Marketing Campaign
  1. Album Art
    1. Their tour poster also features their album art with the 4 iconic shapes that they use throughout their different art works
      1. Merch
        1. The design on most of their merch is based around the album art, such as this T Shirt for example, which also sticks to the grey and green colour scheme which appears on the website and on their album cover
        2. Their iconic 4 shapes that they use in their album art translates into their other products too, including their music video.
          1. In this scene the icons are on the bed sheets.
            1. Their iconic shapes made out of sushi!
              1. And on her desk too!!
                1. And in this slice of meat!
              2. Website Landing Page
                1. The website landing page features their album which shares the same iconography ad their album/single art. It links to iTunes where the visitor can download the album. This synergy is particularly useful to the artist as it provides purchasing opportunity to the visitor of the website
                  1. The geenery and natural imagery used on the landing page is also used on the tour poster
                    1. The greenery and natural imagery used throughout the campaign, especially for the art for their single 'Rather Be' was also present at the start of their video for Rather Be
                  2. Font
                    1. The font used throughout their different platforms and products is always kept very similar. Their logo is always in thin, rounded, lower case, simple letters.
                      1. The font on their website is often grey, this is shown especially on their tour dates page
                        1. To match the grey/muted coloured font on the website, they also have pale grey social network icons
                    2. Tour Poster
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