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The Elements of Art


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The Elements of Art
  1. Value
    1. Value refers to the lightness or darkness of a color
      1. Tint
        1. Shade
          1. Hue
            1. Tone
          2. Space
            1. Positive Space is the area or part of a painting's composition that the subject occupies
              1. Positive Space
              2. Negative Space is the area or part of a painting's composition that the subject doesn't occupies
                1. Negative Space
              3. Form
                1. 2D shapes have height, and width
                  1. 2D Shapes
                  2. 3D Forms have height, width, depth
                    1. 3D Forms
                  3. Line
                    1. Line variety examples
                    2. Color
                      1. Primary Color cannot be made by mixing any colors together.
                        1. Red Blue Yellow
                        2. Secondary Color are colors made by mixing two primary colors.
                          1. Orange, Purple, Green
                        3. Texture
                          1. Visual Texture is texture that you can see but not feel
                            1. Visual Texture
                            2. Actual Texture is texture you can actually feel
                              1. Actual Texture
                            3. Shape
                              1. Organic Shapes are shapes that are found in nature and have curved sides
                                1. Organic Shapes
                                2. Geometric Shapes are shapes that are used in math and have straight sides
                                  1. Geometric Shapes
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