Elements, Atoms, Compound And The Periodic Table.

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This is the work that I am doing right now during my science lesson. I wanted to share my knowledge with others who are struggling with this topic.

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Elements, Atoms, Compound And The Periodic Table.
1 Atoms are tiny particles that make everything up.
1.1 All atoms contain protons.
2 Elements are one type of atoms bonded together.
2.1 Every Element has a symbol.
2.1.1 The rule of symbols is that the first letter has a capital letter.
2.2 Each element has an atomic number.
3 Compound is different atoms bonded together.
4 A mixture are different types of atoms which are not the same and are not bonded.
5 A Periodic Table is a table with all of the elements that have been discovered.
5.1 The metals are on the left of the Periodic Table.
5.2 Francium is the most dangerous element
6 Metals are shiny, hard and strong. They also have a high density.
6.1 Mercury.
6.2 Titanium
6.3 Calcium.
6.4 Iron.
7 Non-metals are weak and brittle. Also they are poor conductors of heat and electricity.
7.1 Diamond.
7.2 Graphite.
7.3 Silicone
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