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Our Posters


Mind Map on Our Posters, created by Claire Walker on 01/14/2015.
Claire Walker
Mind Map by Claire Walker, updated more than 1 year ago
Claire Walker
Created by Claire Walker over 7 years ago

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Our Posters
  1. Copyright Infringment
    1. What it is
      1. Why we want to stop it
        1. How we aim to do this
      2. Piracy
        1. What it is
          1. How we plan to stop it
          2. Intellectual property
            1. What it is
              1. Why we want to inform people about it
              2. File-sharing
                1. What it is
                  1. How we aim to stop file-sharing continuing
                  2. Music piracy
                    1. The consequences of music piracy
                      1. Educating our target audience
                      2. About us
                        1. Our aim
                          1. Our brief
                            1. What we are trying to educate our target audience
                            2. Copyright laws
                              1. What are the laws of copyright?
                                1. How they are being broken
                              2. Film piracy
                                1. The consequences of film piracy
                                  1. How we are going to stop it
                                  2. Effects of copyright
                                    1. How it will effect the audiences
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