Cultural Representation

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Cultural Representation
1 Miss-Representation (Netflix Movie)
1.1 Patriaracal Visions
2 Image Analysis/ Advertisements
2.1 Code of Gender (Documentary)
2.2 1820s-1920s: advertisements were text bases and reasonable
2.2.1 20s-40s: selling non essential good, social values started to play a role, and visuals with human figures NOW: commercial realism, presents what the world could be, no value in what is being said, "mens dream world", sound and speed more than cognitive analysis
3 Pop Culture
3.1 "Diamonds are forever"
3.1.1 Women are used to sell objects in advertisements, making the female figure a mannequin and a selling point at all costs. Advertisers even take the most intimate sexual moments and use them as a ploy
3.2 Media re-presents the world and its "Natural beauty"
3.2.1 Male models vs female models. Why do females in odd distorted poses look natural and men in the same poses make us look twice and gasp a little?
3.2.2 "America's Next Top Model" According to Pozner (pg 339 in textbook) Tyra Banks suffers from Stockholm syndrome due to childhood raised in the fashion indutry
3.2.3 "Commercial Realism" Presents the world in what could be. There is no value in what is being sold. "Men's dream world"
3.3 Creation of Desire
4 Key Terms (useful to the topic)
4.1 Hegemonic Masculinity: Used to describe the criteria for being the ideal man in a particular culture. Relation to various subordinate masculinities and subordinate femininities
4.2 Heterosexism: A system of attitudes, bias, and discrimintion in favour of opposite sex sexualities and relationships. It can include the presumption that others are heterosexual and being heterosexual is superior to other relationships
4.3 Intersex: The intersex person is born with the anatomy, reproductive organs, and/or chromosome patterns that do not fit the typical defintion of male or female. This can be apparent at birth or later on in life
5 New World Imagery
5.1 New Man Imagery (heteronormative)
5.2 Gay Men (feminization)
5.3 Power-women (sexualization): Sarah Palin, women in politics and women in sports
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