Family collocations

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Family collocations
1 immediate family
1.1 your closest family members
1.1.1 paarents father mother
1.1.2 siblings brother sister
2 extended family
2.1 entere family
2.1.1 cousins
2.1.2 uncles and aunts
2.1.3 grantparents
3 family tree
3.1 diagram
3.1.1 family members
3.1.2 long series of connections distant relative
4 loving family or close knit family
4.1 carefree childhood
5 disfunctional family
5.1 troubled childhood
6 bitter divorce
6.1 bad/angry feelings
6.2 messy divorce
6.2.1 divorce settlement former couple assets
6.3 broken home
7 custody of the child
7.1 grant joint custody
7.1.1 both parents
7.2 grant sole custody
7.2.1 just one parent
7.3 pay child support
8 mutual divorce/ separation
8.1 good terms with each other
9 gets pregnant
9.1 single mother
9.2 have an abortion
9.3 give the baby up for adoption
9.3.1 adoptive parents
9.3.2 adopted child
9.4 due date or baby is due
9.4.1 has the baby or give birth to the baby birth mother
9.5 raise the child or bring up the child
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