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1 The film opens with a wide shot of crashing waves.
1.1 This lets the audience understand where the beginning of the film is set.
1.1.1 Waves can be represented as calm and soothing, however, the waves that have been used are violent and big which foreshadows what is going to happen within the film. The audience is also able to hear the crashing of the waves which has been enchanced to make the audience wonder why this setting has been used and so they never know what's going to happen next. The lighting that has been used is dull and grey which implies to the audience that something bad/violent might happen.
2 The audience then see a close up shot of a man's face, the audience can see that the man has been made to look as though he has been beaten up by the use of make up.
2.1 An eye line shot has then been used so that the audience is able to see that the character is looking at two young children playing on the beach, this represents innocence
2.1.1 A focus pull has also been used in this shot to show that the man is disorientated and passed out.
3 A low angled shot and a high angled shot have been used.
3.1 This low angled shot show a man who's wearing grey uniform looking over the body of man on the beach. A high angled shot has been used as an eye line shot to show the officer looking at the gun that the man had hidden on his back.
3.1.1 The grey uniform show that the man has to be respected and that he has authority. He is also holding a gun which shows that he has a lot of power and that his a higher member of society.
3.1.2 The use of the gun on the man has hidden on his back shows that he has to protect himself and that he takes risks.
4 Through out the opening scene subtitles have been used
4.1 This emphasises the fact that they are in a different country and that their main language isn't English. It also means that we are able to hear and see what they are saying which means that the audience is able to understand what is going on. This means that the audience feels that its realistic and can get a proper feel of how the characters are feeling.
5 A wide shot is used to show that audience the setting of where the man has been taken to.
5.1 With this shot we see that there is a man sitting facing away from the camera, however, he is sitting at the top of the table and has people talking to him about the man that was found on the beach.
5.1.1 This suggests to the audience that he has power but that he may not be a nice character. Also it show that he has importance to the story as the audience have to wait until we see he face. This has been done on purpose through editing so that it creates suspence and tension within the scene
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