Emergence of NoSQL Data Stores

Jody Mc Laughlin
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Mind Map on Emergence of NoSQL Data Stores, created by Jody Mc Laughlin on 01/20/2015.

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Emergence of NoSQL Data Stores
1 Relational Database
1.1 Not good at handling big data
2 Relational and OOP databases don't work well together
3 OOP Basics
3.1 Class
3.1.1 Object
3.2 Encapsulation, Polymorphism and Inheritance
4 Object Relational Impedance Mismatch
5 ORM (Object relational Mapping)
6 Enterprise Architecture
6.1 Integration Approach
6.2 Application Database
7 Scalability
8 NoSQL Technologies
8.1 neo4J
8.2 CouchDB
8.3 MongoDB
8.4 Cassandra
9 Why use NoSQL
9.1 Realtime interaction with users
9.2 Agility, Consistency, performance, scalability
9.3 Open Source
10 aggregate vs aggregate ingnorant
10.1 Relational Models are aggregate ignorant
10.1.1 relational for same data requires many tables
10.2 NoSQL sees aggregate as clusters
10.2.1 collection of data related to a unit
11 Graph database
11.1 neo4J
11.1.1 Nodes form network Social networking connecting friends
12 Distribution models
12.1 High read
12.2 High write
13 Replication and Sharding
13.1 Sharding
13.1.1 Different data across different nodes
13.2 Replication
13.2.1 same data across different nodes
14 Replication & Master
14.1 Traffic only through master for write
14.1.1 inappropriate for high write
15 Replication Peer to peer
15.1 Traffic written to any node
15.2 greater resilience
16 Combining Master/Slave and Sharding
16.1 All write through the server
16.1.1 Different nodes have different data If master fails must know which node to write too
17 Consistency Locks
17.1 Pessimistic
17.1.1 Lock table for editing at beginning of workflow
17.2 Optimistic
17.2.1 Verify with server before making changes at end of workflow
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