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The Go Between/ Pigeon English Coursework
1 Social Class and Staus
1.1 The Go Between
1.1.1 The social classes are rigidly divded, it is only posssible to move up the social ladder by marrying into a family of a higher Status. This is why Marian is presured by her mother to marry Lord Trimingham, as the family will gain entry into the arisocracy, thus forbidding her relationship with Ted, as marrying Ted will cause the family to move down the social ladder.
1.2 Pigeon English
2 Setting
2.1 The Go Between
2.1.1 'The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there' L.P. Hartley paints a very detailed picture of rural England at the beginning of the twentieth century.
2.2 Pigeon English
2.2.1 Set within a counsel estate- associated with violence and criminality Stabbing of the boy - presence of the police and the helicoptors make it seem like an edgy enviroment The vandalism and the destruction of the children's playground symbolises the destructruction of childhood.
3 Friendship, Trust and Betrayal
3.1 The Go Between
3.1.1 Leo longs to be accepted, therefore he takes the kindness of both Marian and Ted at face value.. He is naive to the fact that he is being used and only learnof this later. Even after Leo finds out that he is being used, he is torn between his dissapproaval of his actions and his need for their affection, which results in a continuation of him delievering their messages.
3.1.2 Love affair robs him of his innocence emerging him to a world of betrayal This not only causes him to become a liar, but it also results in him getting caught
3.2 Pigeon English
3.2.1 The Writer uses contrastng characters to show both good and bad morals Poppy is the preserver of Harri's innocence whereas Maquita is the destroyer
4 Adolesence
4.1 The Go Between
4.1.1 Explores the mind of a young boy on a threshold of adolesence, fasinated by the adult world. Leo is desperate to learn what life is really about. Leo is naive about the relationship that he is helping Marian and Ted to continue. He is curious about the nature of sex and is drawn into a world of secrecy Hartley seems to offer a psychological explanation for why a man might choose to live a lonely, unmarried life.
4.2 Pigeon English
4.2.1 Dell Farm Crew - associated with murder and criminality
5 Culture
5.1 Pigeon English
5.1.1 Harri has a lack of understanding for gang culture, which makes him vulnerable and exposes him to danger. Ultimately what makes him more vulnerable is the fact that he is oblivious to the danger around him It is impottant to question at what point in the novel does Harri see danger or does he ever. Harri has an influence over Lydia and her choice of friend Maquita, he realises that the actions of Maquita are wrong. Her sexually exploiting Harri, and her burning Lydia with the hair iron By rejecting Maquita Harri is able to reject evil, which is also what he convinces Lydia to do
5.2 The Go Between
5.2.1 Leo doesn't the rictules, and codes of behaviour, such as formality, rules and etiquete
6 Ignorance
6.1 The Go Between
6.2 Pigeon English
6.2.1 Violent relationships Auntie Sonia and Julius, Maquita and Killa; Women are seen as victims, Maquita mirrors what is violence she suffers when she burns Lydia
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