Poetry techniques - A-LEVEL

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Poetry techniques - A-LEVEL
1 Rhyme
1.1 Rhyming Cuplets
1.1.1 Two lines Rhyming next to each other, usually at the end of a poem
1.2 Rhyme Scheme
1.3 words generally used at the end of the line which end/sound the same/similair
1.4 Half Rhyme
2 Rhythm
2.1 words that sound the same
2.2 iambic pentameter
2.2.1 natural speach- 5 beats a line
3 Stanza
3.1 Ceasura
3.1.1 pause in middle of line
3.2 A group of lines of poetry
4 Sounds
4.1 plosive
4.1.1 ard sounding 'p' 'b' sound
4.2 fricatives
4.2.1 'f' soft sounds repeated
4.3 assonance
4.3.1 repeated vowl sound
4.4 alliteration
4.4.1 ame sounds repeated
4.5 consonance
4.5.1 consonet sound repeated
4.6 onomatopoeia
4.6.1 sounds like the action it describes
4.7 sibilance
4.7.1 repetition of 's' sound
5 Basics
5.1 similies
5.1.1 'like''as' something compared to something
5.2 metaphores
5.2.1 'is' something is something else for effects ' the snow is a blanket'
6 Other
6.1 personification
6.1.1 giving something human qualities
6.2 anthopomorphism
6.2.1 giving animal human personality eg. winnie the pooh
6.3 oxymoron
6.3.1 contodiction next to each other for effects
6.4 paradox
6.5 imagery
6.5.1 reating a visual idea through fiurativr language
6.6 juxtaposition
6.6.1 putting something next to each other. two ideas/images contrast more than controdiction
6.7 hyperbole
6.8 refrain
6.8.1 repeating a whole sentance (chorus)
7 Punctuation
7.1 Enjambmant
7.1.1 no punctuation at the end of the line (runs into next sentance)
8 repetition
8.1 syntactic parallelism
8.1.1 repeating word order eg. 'i had a dream...' or repetition of structure
8.2 repetition
8.2.1 repeating something
9 Tone
9.1 the poetic voice
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