103.2 Shania's Class Syllabus

Shania Yun-Chen
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103.2 Shania's Class Syllabus
1 TOEIC Reading
1.1 Grammer
1.1.1 3 by 3 Grid
1.2 Structure Analysis
1.2.1 Mindmap_ Guggle, Examtime
1.3 Vocabulary
1.3.1 Review Test_ hw and inclass materials
1.3.2 Easy Test_ Online Peer Competition
2 TOEIC Listening
2.1 Accent Practice
2.1.1 Recording HW/ Read out Loud
2.1.2 British n American Accent Rules
2.2 Note Taking
2.3 Keyword Hunting
3.1 Lyrics Learning, Talk to Mike, English Central, Voice Tube
3.2 Randall Dictation n Reading, Detective, Dfilm
3.3 LiveABC, Easy Test, Bookflix
4 Peer Learning
4.1 Group Presentation
4.2 MAPS n Final Rewards
5 Pre-course Questionaire
5.1 Accurate Exam Time
5.2 My customers
5.2.1 How good are they?
5.2.2 What do you want?
5.3 Midterm_ Student Assessment
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