Biology 1A- Unit 1 core: Diet and Health

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Biology 1A- Unit 1 core: Diet and Health
1 A balanced diet should contain all the energy that you need but not more. The list of what each food group does is in the notes tab.
1.1 Carbohydrates; needed to release energy.
1.2 Protein; used for cell repair, replacement and growth
1.3 Fats; to keep you warm and for energy release
1.4 Fibre; to keep the digestive system flowing and running smoothly
1.5 Vitamins and Minerals; used to keep everything in general health
2 Metabolic rate; is a range of chemical reactions which take place in the body. For these to take place they need to be in an watery environment
2.1 energy and a watery environment is imperative in order for these reactions to be fuelled
2.2 There are some variations in the resting metabolic reaction of some people
2.2.1 Muscle needs more energy than fatty tissue, which means people with a higher proportion of muscle to fat will have a higher metabolic rate
2.3 Men tend to have a higher metabolic rate compared to women
3 Factors which affect Health
3.1 People whom have badly out of balanced diets are seen or known as people who are malnourished
3.2 Eating too much can lead to obesity
3.2.1 Excess carbs or fat in the diet can lead to obesity
3.2.2 Hormonal problems can lead to obesity, however the usual case is a bad diet, overeating or lack of exercise
3.2.3 Health problems such as arthritis, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems can cause obesity
3.2.4 Regular Exercise People who exercise regularly are generally healthier than those who don't Exercise increases the amount of energy used by the body and decreases the amount stored as fat. It also builds muscle which helps increase metabolic rate
3.3 Eating too little can also cause problems
3.3.1 The effects of malnutrition vary depending on what foods are missing from the diet
3.3.2 Deficiency diseases can cause problems e.g. lack of vitamin C results in scurvy
3.4 Other Health problems...
3.4.1 Too much saturated fat in your diet can increase blood cholesterol level
3.4.2 Eating too much salt can cause high blood pressure and heart problems
3.5 Inherited factors can affect your health too
3.5.1 Some people can inherit a good or bad metabolic rate
3.5.2 Affect values of blood cholesterol levels
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