Life in a Totalitarian State

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Life in a Totalitarian State
1 Society
1.1 Fear of secret police
1.2 An upper class of Communist party members
1.3 Jobs for women
1.4 Public transportation and recreation
1.5 Free education and health care
2 Economics
2.1 Growth of Industry
2.2 Growth of Military
2.3 Low standard of living
2.4 Shortage of foods and consumer goods
3 Politics
3.1 One party dictatorship
3.2 Total government control of citizens
3.3 Total government control of industry and agriculture
3.4 Use of propaganda to win government support
4 Arts
4.1 Censorship of books, music, art
4.2 Purpose of all art to praise communism
4.3 Observation of artists, writers, and musicians by secret police
5 Religion
5.1 Takeover of houses of worship
5.2 Government war on religion
5.3 Secret police control rerligious worships
5.4 Communist ideals replace religious ideals
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