Copyright in ICT

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Copyright in ICT
1 Legislation
1.1 Computer Misuse Act 1990
1.1.1 This law makes it a crime to access someone else's computer or log on to a network to steal or corrupt data
1.1.2 It has three levels of crime. these are: Unauthorised access to computer material Unauthorised modification of computer material Unauthorised access to a computer with intent
1.2 Data Protection Act 1998
1.2.1 this law protects your personal data by telling companies they are required by law to: Keep it secure Not to ask for more information then they need Not to keep hold of the information for longer than they need it to keep the information they have on you up to date and accurate Not to use the information for any other purpose, without your consent
2 Copyright
2.1 this protects people's work from being used in someone else's work without permission
2.2 all work has copyright. even something you download from the internet
2.3 Creative Commons Licence
2.3.1 This allows the Copyright owner to give permission for there work to use used freely
2.4 The consequences of illegal file sharing
2.4.1 your Internet Service Provider may prevent you from using the internet
2.4.2 If you are found guilty you can be sent to prison
2.4.3 It has a massive impact on the music and film industries
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