The Mexican-American War

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The causes and events leading to the war

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The Mexican-American War
1 Mexico never recognized Texas and thought the Texas annexation was an insult
1.1 Those who did recognize Texas didn't agree with the Rio Grande border
1.1.1 Mexico thought the Nuceces RIver Should be the border
2 James K. Polk offered Mexico 30 million dollars for Mexico to accept the Rio Grande border and to cede California and the western half of New Mexico
3 In May 1836 Mexican troops clashed north of the RIo Grande
3.1 President declared war on Mexico for killing on American soil
3.1.1 More than 5,000 americans accepted this call to arms against Mexico Due to better leadership and eqipment the America won the war against Mexico Febuary 2 1848 representatives of both governments signed a peace treaty The treay stated that Mexico had to accept the Rio Grande Border and give all land between western Texas and the Pacific Ocean
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