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CONTEXT: Pride and Prejudice
1 ENTAILEMENT: When the properties go down the male blood line of the family when the previous male passes away.
1.1 When the next alive male inherits the property.
2 Women needed to marry before 25 (Charlotte Lucas) or they would not get marry after that age as they would be seen as unwanted goods.
2.1 Women needed to marry because it was very rare for women to get jobs and their only source of income/survival is from their father's income. When they marry, they would rely on their husband's money.
2.1.1 Women may also get money from inheritance (like Lady Catherine de Bourgh)
3 At the time, marriage was seen as a social contract, often without the need for love.
3.1 Austen wrote about couples marrying for lvoe which was very unsual at the time.
4 Austen states very obvious stereotypical facts that applied to the society that she was in when she wrote 'Pride and Prejudice'. These obvious quotes, in a way, mocks the view on marriage at the time.
5.1 People normally married for wealth, status or property and men normally married women of the same status or of a higher status in order to keep their reputation., or to have a good reputation with a respectable wife in society.
5.2 People would regard you differently based on your status and Darcy sacrificed his status o=ti marry Elizabeth,
5.3 The Bennets family are quite low down on the social status,
5.3.1 Catherine de Bourgh is an aristocracy and Mr Bingley is very high up no the social ladder too ( new gentry ) Lady Catherine descirbes Elizabeth as "a young woman of inferior birth" and she dislikes her as she feels that her daughter is more worthy to be married to Darcy due to their similar status. In the beginning, Darcy knows that he is much more superior than the Bennets due to his pride, but later looks beyond this and admits that he kept back his love for Elizabeth due to their social difference and the 'inferior nature' (not a quote) of the Bennets Women were usually govened by a governess for the women to seem to be educated and this is similar to Austen's life as she was pulled back from boarding school as her family could no longer support her or her sister to have education. "No governess! How was that possible? Five daughters brought up at home without a governess! I never heard of such a thing. Your mother must have been quite a slave to your education.” Lady Catherine 'Good breeding' in order to get a good suitor.
5.3.2 Mrs. Bennet wants to raise and climb on the social status ladder by having more relations with other people, but she has quite a basic idea about how the idea of 'class' works. Darxy is far richer compared to the Bennets family
6.1 Mr. Collins only married so that he would gain status as he was the clergyman for the community. He also wanted to show Catherine de Bourgh that he was capable of getting a wife.
6.2 Men usually took the lead role in the relationship
6.3 Mrs. Bennets aim was for all her daughters to be marreid off to a wealthy man and with a reputable status.
6.4 An ideal woman would be a woman who know how to sing, be well mannered (lady like). be pretty, play the piano, draw read, write and a good fortune would also help to unite the fortunes from both families.
6.5 Women tried to jump through to a higher rank by marrying a man of a higher status.
6.6 THe couple (man and woman) would not be allowed to be alone in the same room or have very intimiate moments (e.g. touching them on the hand, etc)
6.6.1 Jane seemed to be ashamed of her actions when she was caught in an embrace with Mr Bingley when Lizzie walked in on them.
6.6.2 Women were allowed to reject a man's proposal, but they were not allowed to call for a divorce.
6.7 A woman's main goal would be to marry and the family would usualyl provide a lot of money for the marriage to go forward.
6.7.1 Mr. Bennet couldn't afford Lydia and Mr. Wickham's marriage, so Darcy paid for it- mainly paid due to his loe for Elizabeth and wouldn't like to see her upset. Darcy kept it a secret that he was the one who paid for it because it was usually the father who paid for their daughter's wedding. It would be embarrasing for the father to allow someone else to pay for them (emascualtion).
7 Family connections were quite important .
7.1 Good health in order to produce children to carry the blood line/inheritance.
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