Edexcel Music GCSE

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Edexcel Music GCSE
1 Composing Criteira A
1.1 This is specific to the Ideas that you come up with
1.1.1 The examiner will be looking for: Note Addition Note diminution Augmentation Diminution Phasing/Phase Shifting Metamorphosis Changing notes gradually over time Use of texture Layering Interesting rhythms Possible use of looping
1.1.2 Theme development Variation Retrograde Retrograde invert Invert Theme links to here also Use of dynamics Use of Drone
2 Criteria B
2.1 Simply put... Does your music sound similar to other minimalist pieces?
2.2 You have a choice
2.2.1 Logic Pro/ Garageband In a sense - Easier to record Lots of composition possibilities based on VST and Plugins Harder to print music as you intended.
2.2.2 Sibelius Physically see the music as you intend for it to be written Can easily export the music into sound Harder to record live, but many instruments are included.
2.3 Resources also covers
2.3.1 Use of instruments
2.3.2 Compositions recorded live
3 Criteria C
3.1 2 minute composition as a minimum expectation
3.2 Structure relates to how the composition is but together
3.2.1 Cyclic
3.2.2 Binary A and B
3.2.3 Ternary
3.2.4 Strophic
3.2.5 Call and Response
3.2.6 Arch Shape
3.2.7 Sonata form Exposition Development Recapitulation
3.3 Structural devices
3.3.1 Use of different textures Polyphony Hetrophonic Monophonic Phasing
3.3.2 Change of key
3.3.3 Modulation
3.3.4 Cadences
3.3.5 Dynamics
4 Criteria D
4.1 Melodic line present clear themes
4.2 Melodic lines show clear ideas for progression/variation
4.3 Your melodic line uses a variety of pitch
4.4 Melodic structures
4.4.1 Conjunct and Disjunct
4.4.2 Scalic Melodies
4.5 Melodic lines may loop
5 Criterion G
5.1 Rhythms may be syncopated
5.2 Rhythms show African influences
5.3 May use complex cross rhythms
5.4 Layered versions of the same tune
5.5 Choice to change the tempo within your music
6 Criteria E
6.1 Your choice of instrumentation can effect the overall sound
6.2 Try to use extended chords 7ths, minor and Major 7ths
6.3 make sure your chords and melodies make sense.
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