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OCR A2 Chemistry Kc
1 The magnitude of Kc indicates the extent of a chemical reaction
1.1 Kc < 1
1.1.1 Reaction is reactant favoured
1.2 Kc = 1
1.2.1 Position of equilibrium is halfway between the reactants and products
1.3 Kc > 1
1.3.1 Reaction is product favoured
2 The affect of temperature change
2.1 When temperature increases and the forward reaction is endothermic, Kc INCREASES
2.2 When the temperature increases and the forward reaction is exothermic, Kc DECREASES
3 The value of Kc is unaffected by :
3.1 The presence of a catalyst
3.1.1 Catalysts speed up the rate of the forward reaction and the reverse reaction by the same factor
3.2 Changes in concentration
3.3 Changes in pressure
4 Kc - Equilibrium Constant
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