Themes in Macbeth

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Themes in Macbeth
1 Supernatural
1.1 Visions
1.1.1 Dagger "The handle toward my hand" It is inviting Macbeth to take the dagger "A dagger of the mind" The dagger represents the evil in Macbeth's mind "Fatal vision" Implies murder and death "Heat oppresed brain" Macbeth seems to know that the dagger isn't real, and he thinks he's going mad "And on thy blade and dudgeon gouts of blood" The dagger first appears clean, which suggests that Macbeth is optimistic that he will getaway with the murder. Or maybe suggests that he has decided against killing Duncan. It then appears with blood, which suggests that he has realised the possible consiquences for what he is about to carry out, and he is feeling guilty
1.2 Sleep
1.2.1 "Wicked Dreams" When Macbeth is asleep his feeling of guilt are hidden from himself and others. Now that his sleep is diturbed with nightmares, he cant escape from what he has done.
1.2.2 " Methought i heard a voice cry 'Sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep!' The innocent sleep" He is hearing voices that are telling him what he has done is wrong. He has murdered Duncan in his sleep and therfore his sleep will be taken from him also, so that there is no escaping the guilt. The voice he heard may have come from his own brain, in which he could be punshing himself for what he has done. "Innocent sleep" sounds almost like he's apologising for his actions. He realises how innocent Duncan was, which emphasises how villianous he must of been to murder him.
1.2.3 "The death of each day's life" He wishes for sleep, which could suggest that he wishes for death, the guilt is consuming him so much.
1.3 Nature
1.3.1 "Nature seems dead" Darkness is causing death, Night is when murder happens
1.3.2 "It was the owl that shreik'd" Disruption of natural order, representing the killing of Duncan. The owl is shrieking at Duncan's death Sinister image Shrieking about what Macbeth has done- possibly representing how Macbeth feels inside due to his act of treason.
2 Murder
2.1 Banquo's Murder
2.1.1 Macbeth is not couragous as he sends two murderers to carry out the crime for him, which shows he is cowardly and too scared to do the deed himself. Also cowardly for killing a good friend and his son just because of a false prophesy, which made Banquo and Fleance a threath to his chance of claiming the thrown.
2.1.2 Banquo's murder shows that their friendship meant nothing to Macbeth and that nothing comes before power in Macbeths point of view
2.1.3 Shows Macbeth is becoming more ambitious about power as he doesnt consult Lady Macbeth about his plan to murder Banquo
2.2 King Duncan's Murder
2.2.1 Macbeth is villianous as he decides to kill Duncan although he knows Duncan is a good king and he likes him.
2.2.2 "If ill, why hath it given me the earnest for success" When first hearing the prophesy that he will become king, he immediatly has thoughts of killing Duncan which shows he is villanous.
2.2.3 Macbeth was persuaded by Lady Macbeth to carry out the murder which shows his hesitation to the idea
2.2.4 Macbeth doesn't seem villianous at this point in the play as he has to be persuaded by Lady Macbeth to carry out the deed.
2.2.5 Dagger vision & soliloquy
2.3 Macduff's Family
2.3.1 Macbeth's violence gets worse and worse throughout the play
2.3.2 Carried out after prophesies, showing he did it becuase he felt threatened
2.3.3 This shows a side of Macbeth which is vicious as he sends murderers to kill Macduff's family for no reason other than the fact that he feels threathened by him and wanted to send him a warning not to try and over throw him..
2.3.4 Does it to show his pride, strength and power
2.3.5 Shows Macbeth's vicious side more as he is willing to murder innocent women and children to keep his power
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