Active Learning - Cooperation in the classroom

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mind map about group work.

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Active Learning - Cooperation in the classroom
1 By Claudia De Lemos Delgado
1.1 Teacher -Luz Eugenia González Meza
1.2 Practicum 1
1.3 Corporación Universitaria del Caribe - CECAR
1.4 September 2019
2 Resources - Cibergraphy
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3 Creating facilitated opportunities for group work in your class allows students to enhance their skills in working effectively with others (Bennett & Gadlin 2012; Jackson et al. 2014)
3.1 Some benefits are
3.1.1 Show increased individual achievement
3.1.2 Greater knowledge acquisition
3.1.3 Retention of material
3.1.4 Higher-order problem solving and reasoning abilities Students’ interactions allow the group to construct new knowledge This group dialogue helps them make sense of what they are learning and what they still need to understand or learn (Ambrose et al. 2010; Eberlein et al. 2008)
4 Classroom project
4.1 Teacher explains Ss about the project
4.1.1 Ss are divided in 6 groups, 5 of 5 Ss and 1 group of 6 Ss Each group of Ss has de chance to choose one topic to work They have to choose which words are going to include Every student of the group has to participate Everyone has to collaborate with 1 picture and a written word. Each student has to present and name his/her picture In English and to their classmates Each group has to show the class its final product
4.2 Create a poster with pictures of learnt vocabulary
4.2.1 Materials Cardborads Glue Pictures or drawings Scissors
4.2.2 Assesment Teacher evaluates Work group Presentation Organization Vocabulary Oral skills Written accuracy
4.3 Topics studied along the school year written on the board.
5 Main roles of the teacher
5.1 Supporting students in meaningful collaboration
5.1.1 Supporting roles Facilitator Model Coach
5.2 Enhancing student collaboration in the classroom
5.2.1 Ss need A task or problem that needs solving A group of students with different problem-solving capabilities Time to complete the project and work together
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