The Executive or Administrative Branch in the Territorial Order branch

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The Executive or Administrative Branch in the Territorial Order branch
  1. Objectives
    1. The administration of the affairs of the territorial section
      1. Development planning and promotion
        1. The provision of public services determined by law
          1. Measures aimed at improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of the territory
          2. Who integrates it?
            1. Departaments
              1. Portion of the Colombian territory in which several Municipalities have been created
                1. Own authorities
                  1. the governor
                    1. The Departmental Assembly
                  2. Districts
                    1. Municipalities
                    2. Other entities that conform the territorial organization
                      1. Other territorial entities established in the Constitution
                        1. Other figures of territorial organization
                          1. Organization of the Executive Branch and the State in the territorial order
                          2. Main features
                            1. Territorial organization
                              1. Set of rules that establishes the way in which the public power is distributed spatially
                              2. Other divisions of the territory
                                1. other sections of the territory for compliance   in administrative and planning effects.
                                2. Territorial autonomy
                                  1. A territorial entity's ability to govern itself and manage its own interests, within the limits traced by the Constitution and laws
                                  2. Territorial public administration
                                    1. Group of entities that make up the Branch Executive of the Public Power in the territorial order
                                    2. Regulations on territorial organization
                                      1. The main provisions on territorial organization are found in Title XI of the Constitution Politics
                                      2. Authorities of territorial entities
                                        1. the entities territorial can be governed by their own authorities, who know the particular issues of the Department, District or Municipality.
                                        2. Territorial entities
                                          1. They are legal persons under public law who enjoy autonomy for the management of their interests
                                          2. Organic Law of Territorial Planning
                                            1. It is a normative act uttered by the Congress of the Republic, with a superior hierarchy to common laws
                                            2. Principles governing the exercise of competences
                                              1. Subsidiarity
                                                1. Concurrence
                                                  1. Coordination
                                                  2. Main resources of territorial entities
                                                    1. the humans
                                                      1. The physical
                                                        1. The technological
                                                          1. The financiers
                                                                1. Participation in national income
                                                                  1. It is a system created by the Constitution that is constituted by the resources that the Nation transfers,
                                                                  2. Administrative organization of territorial entities
                                                                    1. Affiliated Organizations
                                                                      1. Main Organizations
                                                                        1. Administrative Corporations of popular choice
                                                                          1. Linked Organizations
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