How to create a web page


A great way to make a web page and what you need
Hannah Cameron
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Hannah Cameron
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How to create a web page
  1. 1. Have an idea
    1. 2. Gather info about this topic
      1. 3. Draw the site on paper and plan what it is going to look like
        1. 4. Start coding the website
    2. Make it easy for the user to navigate their way around
      1. What is the purpose of a web page
        1. Information
          1. Pursuasion
            1. Helping others and sharing knowledge
            2. Make it aesthetic for he reader to look at
              1. Make sure the home page is saved as index.html
                1. Second page is related to the subject of your website
                2. Use file, save as to save your template three more times in the same folder
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