Weather Photography Ideas

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A level Photography - WEATHER Mind Map on Weather Photography Ideas, created by erinlc981 on 02/04/2015.

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Weather Photography Ideas
1 Sunny
1.1 shaddows
1.2 high up view of landscape
1.3 light shining through the clouds
1.4 light shining through trees
2 Cloudy
2.1 formations
2.2 light coming through the clouds
2.3 in high up scenery- clouds below you
3 Rainy
3.1 water drops in puddles
3.2 weather effected on people
3.3 throw water at a window and take a picture of the view through it to get a blurred rain effect
3.4 people out in the weather
3.4.1 wearing wellies; raincoats; umbrellas
3.5 sea; waves crashing on rocks; lighthouse; low tide at sunset/sunrise; waves coming in
3.6 water dropplets resting on a surface
4 Windy
4.1 trees blowing
4.2 waves being blown up against the rocks
4.3 leaves blowing around
4.4 kites in a landscape scene
4.5 people out in the weather, holding inside out umbrella
5 Stormy
5.1 lightning
5.2 thunder clouds
5.3 dark clouds in the distance
6 Snowy
6.1 frost: landscapes and up close and focused
6.2 individual snowflakes
6.3 icicles
6.4 frozen water (puddles and streams)
6.5 snowy landscape
7 Effects of Weathering
7.1 rust
7.2 mold
7.3 condensation on windows
7.4 peeling paint
8 Development Ideas
8.1 poor bleach/water/paint down a photo
8.2 leave a photograph out in the rain
8.3 drip ink down photos to get a rain on window effect
8.4 layer photos on asitate
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