The social contet of care

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K101 book 6 unit 22 Mind Map on The social contet of care, created by Lisa Chamberlain on 09/08/2013.

Lisa Chamberlain
Created by Lisa Chamberlain about 6 years ago
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The social contet of care
1 At the end of century saw 1997- new labour 50 years since state welfare... baby boomers becoming grandparents..2 generations born to significant number of immigrants from Asia & Caribbean
1.1 David coats (2005) 'patch work Brittan' decline in solidarity and a break up of communities
1.1.1 increase of women in piad work, more inequality, rise of middle glass...under investment in services relative to other European counties increases in separation, divorce and single parents increase in consumer culture, & multiculturalism & on going racism & discrimination
2 Health trends in an aging society
2.1 the % of the population post regiment is rising along with the numbers needing long term care
2.1.1 demand for care may grow more significantly due to medical developments and increasing life expectancy additional trend to healthier old age & significant inequalities in life expectancy & health in older age a rise in a % needing long term health & social care in their 70's &80's are from lower income groups
3 Social divisions & diversity there is an increase in poverty due to
3.1 rise in earning of top earners & a drop in income in lower earrings
3.1.1 tax changes in the 80's changing in expectations- the concept of relative poverty social exclusion difficulty's in providing services for a divers population due to .... varied spread of populations ...barriers to accessing services...language ... lack of diversity in starffing of services
4 choice and control global context .multinational drug companies.... free markets introduction if NICE.... globalisation of job market....
4.1 individual payments i.e direct payments
4.1.1 social care Cinderella still waiting? social care remains the poor relation of the NHS crisis represents high demand & poor supply increasing choice e.g direct payments.> costly option ...risk of care falling on to more families different investment in social care compared to other countries
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