Concept Maps

Olivia Tibbetts
Mind Map by Olivia Tibbetts, updated more than 1 year ago
Olivia Tibbetts
Created by Olivia Tibbetts almost 2 years ago


Mind/Concept Map of how to make concept maps. Page 190-191 in "Becoming A Master Student"

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Concept Maps
  1. Lines=links
    1. Choose 1 focus
      1. Relative to Mindmap
        1. First brainstorm, then order
          1. Limit words
          2. Arrange in Hierarchy
            1. Top-most important/biggest
              1. Bottom-more specific/details
            2. Example
              1. Main Concept
                1. Linking words
                  1. General Concepts
                    1. Linking Words
                      1. Related Concepts
                      2. Nouns and Adjectives
                    2. Linking words
                      1. General Concepts
                        1. Linking words
                          1. Related Concepts
                          2. Main Topics
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