Territory Conflict

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Notes from 6.4 at CLC Cultural Geog

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Territory Conflict
1 Religions & Social Change
1.1 India:Hind and Social =ity
1.1.1 Hind caste=social in=ity t and Brits=change still resisting, but relaxed
1.2 Commy:Religion&Revolution
1.2.1 Commy=take over religion 1971 Rev-antireligion 1721-Ortho:Russia Official Relig. 1918-not anymore lt 20th ct-no commy religious revival
1.3 China: Bud&Dalai
1.3.1 Tibet was ruled by Bud Concurred by China Commy Killed thousands after rebelion Killed Dalai Vow to kill next Dalai Vow to find next Dalai
2 Challenges(SW Asia)
2.1 *, t, M in E Medit.
2.1.1 Arab Israeli Wars 1956 Suez Egypt=Suez Canal Blocks Internat Wtr Ways Israel, Frnc, UK Attack&Win Egypt keeps Canal 1967 6-day Neighbors mass troops Israel Spriz Attack Israel new territory Egypt-Gaza and Sinai Pen(48-49 wr) Syria-Golam Hights Jordan-Jerusalem(taken 48-49 wr) 1973 Yom Kippur Srpriz Attack on Israel No territory change Peace Treaty 1979 w/ Egypt Sadat Assasinated successor keeps treaty Egypt-Sinai Israel-recognition other territories=not settled 1948-49(day after Israel Indep) 5 Arab states attack Israel Survives&expands Egypt=gaza strp
2.1.2 M 3rd holy city, Muh. acended2heaven
2.1.3 * Trace heritage, Promise, Kingdom, Holiest City
2.1.4 t Jesus's Time, holy city
3 Geo Perspective(SW Asia)
3.1 Israeli
3.1.1 meaningful elements Israel=12 mi, other-20mill mi Med.-Jordan=3 narrow sections 1000 m elev hills Coastal Plain Jordan R. Valley
3.1.2 UN Plan Is-Plain, J-Hills, Syria-Valley J+S attack using hills '48-'67 Is. captures highlands-'67 W. Bank=20% jews
3.1.3 Controversial-Barrier between Palestine Mostly supported Deters Suicide Bombers
3.2 Palestinian
3.2.1 Ppl Arab citizens of Is Is fleers after '48-'49 wr citizens of Jorna, Kuwait, S. Arabia, Leb.+ Syria W. Bank/Gaza fleers after '67 6dwr land captured by Is '67
3.2.2 Hamas(=Gaza) Prty No Is state Fight for land from Jord-Med. Sea Considered Terrorist Org.
3.2.3 Fatah Prty Yes Is state Peace treaty w/ Is for land taken @ '67 6dwr
4 Geo Challenge(Jerusalem)
4.1 Sacred space-M built on top of Sac. spc-*
4.1.1 Islam's Jerus. Dome of Rock Muh. Accended Above W. Wall S(r of WW) is M. Mosque Ramp=no cross in frnt of WW
4.1.2 Jew's Jerus. Cap 3000 yrs ago 1 temple-Solomon 957 bc Babylonians destroy 586 bc 2 tem.-Persian Empire 515 bce Romans destroy 70 ce W Wall(Temple Mount) survives captured by Is.@ 6dwr Wailing-visit daily Wailing-visit 1/yr
5 Definitions
5.1 Fundamentalism: Literal interpretation and strict adherence to basic principles of a religion
5.2 Caste: The class or distinct hereditary order into which a Hindu is assigned, according to religious law
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