Wealth and poverty

Ellie Herbert
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A quick mindmap I had to do for homework, but it might help someone out!

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Wealth and poverty
1 Key concepts
1.1 Justice: All people should be treated fairly
1.2 Stewardship: people were put on earth to take care of God's work
1.3 Compassion: people should care for others and show compassion
2 Parables
2.1 Rich man and Lazarus: Rich man didn't go to heaven because he didn't show compassion to the beggar
2.1.1 Show compassion or you won't go to heaven
2.2 Sheep and Goats: God will split those who helped others and those who didn't on Judgement day like shepherds split sheep and goats
2.2.1 If you refuse to help others, you refuse to help God
3 Jesus spent time helping the needy: healed the sick and fed the 5000
4 Early Christians sold their stuff and shared everything with the poor and needy
5 Tithing: giving 10% of your income to those in need
5.1 Missionaries: People that give practical help as well as the message of Jesus
5.1.1 Fairtrade: Products that ensure the producer earned a fair wage Charities : Agencies that support people in need
6 Moral Occupations: Jobs that don't harm others: e.g. doctor, teacher, vet, firefighter
7 Immoral occupations: Jobs that exploit God's creation: e.g. prostituation, weapons trade, sunday worker, gambler
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