My Holidays, Leisure and Sports: Y9 Assessment Ideas

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An outline of a writing assessment for Spanish

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My Holidays, Leisure and Sports: Y9 Assessment Ideas
  1. What sports you do when and what you think about them
    1. When you do it, with who, where and other people's view points
      1. What you do in particular weather.
        1. Describe your last holidays: where you went, what you did there, how you liked it, what was the weather like
          1. What transport you use when you do activities and your views
            1. What you are going to do in the future on holidays
              1. What sports you are going to do and why
                1. What you would like to do in the future on holidays or weekend
                  1. Voy a...
                    1. a...le...
                      1. porque
                        1. es
                          1. Adjectives matching gender
                            1. verbs
                              1. Lo pasé..
                                1. variety and interest
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