Year 7 Computing Mind Map on E-Safety, created by Jeslyn Chukukere on 10/12/2019.
Jeslyn Chukukere
Mind Map by Jeslyn Chukukere, updated more than 1 year ago
Jeslyn Chukukere
Created by Jeslyn Chukukere almost 3 years ago

Resource summary

  1. Never share your personal information online!
    1. Age
      1. Address
        1. Phone number
          1. Upcoming party
            1. School name
              1. Email address
                1. DOB
                  1. Password
                  2. Don't be a cyberbully!
                    1. You can get a criminal record
                      1. It can make people feel depressed
                      2. Don't share your password!
                        1. People might share it with other people
                          1. People can pretend to be you
                          2. Don't speak to strangers!
                            1. They can be dangerous
                            2. Put your account on private!
                              1. You can let certain people see your profile
                                1. People won't be able to see what you post unless you let them
                                2. Only use apps that is an appropriate age for you!
                                  1. Apps are age-restricted for a reason
                                    1. You would be more safe
                                    2. Download a security app on your laptop!
                                      1. It would protect you from viruses
                                        1. It will also protect you from hackers
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